Running to Help Children With Diabetes

‘And I Would Run 500 Miles’


This website is all about helping children with diabetes.

Children get Sudden Onset or Type 1 diabetes. There is nothing they or their families could do to prevent developing diabetes, it isn’t caused by bad diets or lack of exercise.

Over the years the run500miles appeal has raised money to enable children with diabetes to have access to resources to help them manage a condition none of them chose to have nor deserved to get.

Money has been used to buy insulin pumps and sensors to measure blood sugar levels amongst many other things. None of this wouldn’t have been possible without the heroic efforts of hundreds of fantastic fund raisers. THANK YOU

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6th May 2013

14,000 miles run

A New Direction

Time for a change.

Retirement age approached and with all the changes in rules and regulations about NHS pensions there was little option but to leave the service at Bishop Auckland.

That wasn’t the end, because the opportunity to work part-time as a specialist in diabetes emerged.

I now work 3 days a week for the Newcastle Children’s Diabetes Service, as well as supporting other diabetes related work.

The running shoes haven’t been put away either!